SCENT STORY | Gathered Herb

SCENT STORY | Gathered Herb

Remedying, herbaceous and fresh

Sunday 20th March is the Spring Equinox, a day which marks the beginning of Spring. We begin to slowly come out of the Winter hibernation, venturing away from the cosy indoors. Gardens begin to bloom and the rain warms along with the air. Our sense of smell begins to change as it comes alive with the change in weather. We put down the deeper woody fragrances in search of light and fresh scents. This weekend we are welcoming back our Spring seasonal candle, Gathered Herb. A full hand-gathered herb, aromatic with high notes of Rosemary and Oregano. Remedying, herbaceous and fresh. 
The Gathered Herb scent has been recreated this year, it’s core botanical notes still remain - Rosemary, Oregano and Bergamot, however the structure of the blend has changed. Katie's upmost favourite scent is Rosemary, so she decided to focus more on the depth of Rosemary within the candle this time.
The name Rosemary comes from the Latin word Ros Marinus, which means 'dew of the sea', referring to how it grows wild along the Mediterranean sea cliffs, scenting the sea breeze air. It's herbaceous scent is evergreen, citrus-like and woody, nothing smells quite like Rosemary. It awakens your senses and inspires a boost of energy.    

Together Katie and our candle maker Ruth spent time scent blending with Gathered Herb’s essential oils to decide on a new blend for the candle. The middle notes of Bergamot were softened, which allowed the herbaceous leafy aromas of Oregano and Rosemary to be lifted. 

 The new scent of Gathered Herb is fresh and fragrant, whilst also being rustic and warm. Focusing on the earthy notes of Rosemary has created a new scent which subtly embraces the soft notes of fresh Spring air. Pop Gathered Herb on a window sill and let the breeze carry it’s herbaceous scent around your home.

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