What are your opening hours?

Monday 9.30 - 5pm

Tuesday 9.30 - 5pm

Wednesday 11 - 7pm

Thursday 9.30 - 5pm

Friday 9.30 -5 pm

Saturday 9.30 - 5pm


How far in advance do I need to book?

Usually we would suggest 1-2 weeks in advance. Fridays, Saturdays and late night on Wednesdays are our most popular days so we advise to book these further in advance.

Do I need to wear anything in particular?

No, though we would advise you to come in comfortable clothing and if you are having a facial treatment, without any make-up (it’s no problem for our therapists to remove this if not possible but will just give you more treatment time!)

I've never had a treatment before, what will happen?

You’ll be welcomed by our therapist who will sit with you in our relax room for a consultation ahead of taking you through to the treatment room. She will explain to you exactly what is going to happen and what she will need you to do before leaving you alone to get undressed and under the covers. She will knock before re-entering the room.

It’s important you feel comfortable to ask for changes to be made (if you’re
too cold, need an extra pillow etc) so you can fully relax and she will be
happy to make these adjustments before or during the treatment. It's really important to us that you feel this is a safe space with no judgement. When performing a massage treatment, only one area is uncovered at a time and no one else will ever enter the room. All treatments start and end with us touching your feet and the end is signalled with a chime. You are very welcome to drift off to sleep or indeed to chat – the treatment is your time and our therapists are respectful of that.

I am pregnant, am I able to have a Harvest treatment?

We offer two treatments once you are passed the first trimester of pregnancy (12 weeks); a Harvest Facial or Reflexology.

Can I purchase a massage subscription?

Yes! We offer two types of seasonal subscriptions - A Full Body Massage or a Facial, both are £220. You will have a treatment four times a year.

Can I book for someone else?

If you are booking a treatment on behalf on someone else, please let us know in the booking notes section. We don’t need their contact details (particularly if it’s a surprise!) we just need to know who to expect.

Please be aware that we are unable to perform any treatment within the first trimester of pregnancy, but will be very happy to throughout the remainder of the pregnancy.

If you have undergone recent surgery or cancer treatment, please contact us first to check suitability before booking.

If you wish to book a treatment further ahead than the schedule allows, or have any questions regarding our treatments please give the store a call on 0121 792 1371.

If I have an injury or medical condition is a Harvest treatment suitable?

It is important you communicate this with us prior to your treatment so that we can make an informed decision as to whether the treatment is suitable or needs adapting. You will be emailed a consultation form to complete prior to coming in for your treatment, please provide details on here about any injuries/conditions, even if you don’t think them
relevant to the treatment.

If you have any questions please contact us at harvestenquiries@gmail.com or call us on 0121 792 1371.

I have sensitive skin and suffer with a skin condition such as Eczema or Psoriasis - is a Harvest Facial treatment suitable for me?

The Harvest facial treatment uses our range of organic skincare, tailored to your skin type. For sensitive skin our therapist would likley use our Calming Skincare Range during your Facial - made with the gentlest ingredients to comfort and nourish skin, whilst also being hypoallergenic and soothing for irritated skin.

Prior to your treatment you will be asked to complete a consultation form, please provide details on here about any skin concerns here. Whether you are visiting with a specific skin concern, or to simply relax, you will receive a full consultation prior to the treatment.

What is your cancellation policy and do I need to pay a deposit?

If you cancel after 24 hours, you will be charged 50% of your treatment amount. If you don't show up for your treatment you will be charged 100% of your treatment amount.

Can I book a treatment for someone under the age of 18?

We are able to provide treatments to teens over the age of 16, but ask that a parent or guardian stays on the premises while the treatment is carried out.