SCENT STORY | Dark Patchouli

SCENT STORY | Dark Patchouli

“Well for me it's a scent that is cosy, and deeply comforting.

And that's worth coming home to.”


We asked Katie to describe her enigmatic Dark Patchouli candle. Katie, where did you start with your new candle? 

To be perfectly frank, Dark Patchouli happened because I wanted to feel more relaxed at home. It was autumn; I had just opened the shop in Birmingham and Christmas was on the horizon. I was so excited to have the story open and looking forward to the first Christmas, but equally it was a busy time.  I wanted to create something that I would like to come home to and induce a little precious relaxation time with family which at the time was difficult to achieve.  

It sounds like Dark Patchouli was about emotional wellbeing, or at least trying to find some more of it?

Yep, that's probably right. I know there are certain aromas and essential oils that help me, and my body relax. But also give me pleasure.  Everyone is busy nowadays; I really believe that changing the aroma of the air around you can have massive positive effects at home. A bit like the smells of cooking a favourite meal; those spices you roast in a cast iron pan before you crush them to make a butternut curry.

Like a fragrance recipe?

Yes, or a blend ~ I work with my senses, mainly smell obviously when candles are concerned to get a balanced blend of high, mid and base notes, or tones of aroma that work together. I want my scents to have identity that's a mixture of the moments and memories that surround Harvest.

So apart from Patchouli, what else went into the blend?

Dark Patchouli is quite complex, but I think the impact is simple. It's got a grounding base, that's heart-warming, from the patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver, on top of that I added blood orange, clove and Amber for happiness. And to round off there is mandarin, cassis and Cardamom.

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