The brightness of Autumn

The brightness of Autumn

The arrival of autumn often brings with it a feeling of nostalgia, comfort and excitement. The cooler temperatures and charming foliage of autumn encourages us to spend more time in nature, appreciating the beauty in the changing of seasons and the new routines it brings us. 

It's clear that our connection to nature has positive effects on our mental health, we feel a change in our happiness, wellbeing, relationships and sense of having a life purpose. Spending time in nature can definitely help in offering a mental health boost. 

Autumn ideas for getting outside

  • Forage for dried foliage to decorate your house with, you could pop dried flowers in a vase, make a wall hanging or even use for a winter wreath.

  • Keep smaller foliage aside for Christmas gift wrapping - we always use dried foliage that we've foraged ourselves from our gardens or local parks!
  • Go for a walk and take a hot drink in a flask with you. Notice the changes in nature around you, the different colouring of trees and their leaves, if you can see or hear any wildlife, the crunching of leaves on the floor. Let your mind wander and just focus on your surroundings. 

  • Visit a pumpkin farm, a great day out for the kids too. 

  •  Go apple picking and then make a delicious warming crumble or pie with them! 

    Images by Carolyn Carter. 
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