Spring Skin | As seasons change

Spring Skin | As seasons change

As the seasons change so does our skin. We adapt our wardrobes to suit the warmer weather and similarly we need to consider our approach to our skincare.  

Throwing open the windows to let fresh air in, brings with it particles (pollen, dirt …) that our protected winter skins can react against. As we spring clean our homes, we throw up dust and allergens that may trigger a reaction in our skins. Many of us still have the heating on and so the transition from artificial indoor heat to crisper, fresher air outside can cause the surface of the skin to become disrupted and changes occur in the skin barrier that may leave our faces tight, dry, oily or a combination of all! Our diets may change, affecting the microbiome of our gut which will also have an impact on our skin. And the sun comes out, reminding us that we need to be applying an SPF all year round. 


Skin loves consistency. It struggles with change and needs time to transition, and so if your skin feels different to the previous few months, don’t be tempted to start throwing everything at it in the hope of calming it. This will give your skin even more to grapple with and make it harder for you to know what is working and what isn’t.  

Instead follow these simple steps:

  • Keep your routine simple. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise daily, in the morning and evening. Try our Mini Face Ritual which is a set containing a product for each step of this routine.
  • Apply a broad spectrum SPF all the time.
  • You may wish to introduce probiotics into your diet. A healthy gut = healthy skin.
  • A weekly exfoliation, depending on your skin type, will help strip back the winter skin cells, but don’t be tempted to overdo it, you’ll only aggravate the skin barrier further - try using the Charcoal Konjac Sponge.

And be patient. It will settle.   

We’re always happy to offer skincare advice instore. The organic facials in our Treatment Room are an ideal way to re-balance your skin for Spring. We also offer a Seasonal Facial Subscription that gives you a treatment per season, to help support your skin throughout the year. 

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