SCENT STORY | Smokey Oak

SCENT STORY | Smokey Oak

Hedonistic, sense layering, searching and connecting.

Is the hand that moves and makes controlled or controlling? I move through many rooms unsure who it is may live or stay here – the scent of this life lifts and surrounds from things long thought of and treasured – be it a curtain, carpet or cabinet. And the question – do we know the light, do we know the dark? I feel the illumination of warm and cool and shaded spaces. Inspired and certain.

The strong hedonism of the Smokey Oak aromatic evokes the matt patina of fragrant woods, with special dark, polished ebony notes. Ancient Persian Galbanum extracts with leather and tobacco aromas.

Smokey Oak was one of the first Harvest candles and has continued to stay in our core candle collection ever since. The scent of Smokey Oak is one that is individual and captivating. It creates a sense of familiarity and comfort, giving a warmth that you only feel once Smokey Oak has been lit.

Throughout the Autumn and Winter months this candle truly comes into its own.

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