Our Soaps

Our Soaps

All our Harvest soaps are plant-based, organic and cruelty free. They contain no palm oil, no parabens or SLS and no synthetic colours or fragrances. We know that nature has provided all we need to nourish, restore, protect and heal, so we only use 100% pure ingredients.

Our soaps are all hand made here in the UK and are created in small batches , this protects and preserves the quality of the ingredient, meaning you will always get the most out of them. They are made using a traditional soap making process called cold pressing, this helps create a gentle soap bar rich in natural glycerine to help your skin attract and retain moisture. 

From the Seed

Image by Carolyn Carter.

Our soaps are all made with love and all made with ingredients from the ground. Using raw ingredients such as skin-friendly vegetable oils and butters, organic essential oils, plant-based colorants, herbs and clays, they are each a small gift from nature itself.

In some of our soaps we have incorporated the actual seeds or grains from some of the ingredients. The Exfoliating Coffee soap has small flecks of coffee beans in which help give its exfoliating nature, whilst awakening and invigorating your skin.


Nature’s Palette

Every single bar of soap has its own individual colouring because of its hand made nature. We never use artificial colourings. Our colour palette is created from highly pigmented natural ingredients. The Chamomile + Alkanet Root soap gets its purple hue from the Alkanet Root which is often used as a natural dye due to the roots of the plant being a natural red/purple colour. Our Seaweed + Juniper soap (photographed above) has an earthy green shade because of the green hues of Spirulina.

We want our soaps to have colours which reflect and celebrate natures colour palette.

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Hello, Just to say thankyou for the wonderful products, especially the charcoal soap,( which is an amazing, gentle but deep cleansing bar) & the delicious smelling beard oil, which has transformed my beard, even my little 2 year old granddaughter loves the smell. I’m going to try the vetiver and patchouli soap next, just for a change, & use it intermittently with the charcoal bar. I love the simplicity of the paper and natural packaging, as opposed to copious amounts of plastic. It makes the whole process of opposite each carefully wrapped product so pleasurable. Thankyou for excellent customer service and a great self indulgent skincare experience. Kind Regards, James.


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