Harvesting at Hampton Manor

Harvesting at Hampton Manor

A look back at our visit to the beautiful grounds of Hampton Manor last autumn to see how they were welcoming the Harvest season. 

This time last year we took a short trip over to our friends at Hampton Manor, just a short drive outside Birmingham. We were in the middle of working on a collaboration with them for their new accommodation Grace & Savour, so it was an exciting time for us to visit! We visited their Manor House, charming Victorian greenhouses and walked around their walled garden, not forgetting to eat a few of their delicious pastries from their new bakery. 

We wanted to visit in September because of the arrival of the harvest season, which falls between September and October. Strolling their walled garden, we spoke with their head gardener, who was the kindest man, all about their favourite seasonal crops and what they were planning on harvesting for the winter months ahead. Their walled garden produces an acre of organically-grown produce with the growing programme overseen by Dr Sally Bell, a family director of the estate and a specialist in lifestyle medicine. The garden is part of the GRFFN Project (Growing Real Food for Nutrition), a UK wide initiative that looks at how growing methods affect nutrient density.  

Earlier on this year in April, Hampton Manor opened their new accommodation and immersive dining experience, Grace & Savour. Built from scratch next to the Manor’s walled kitchen garden, Grace & Savour has five beautiful bedrooms with some of our Bath & Body products sitting amongst handmade concrete sinks and baths by Warrington + Rose. We worked with Hampton Manor in creating a bespoke range of Bath Salts which sit next to the beautiful baths in the suites, to complete the Bath Time Ritual experience.


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