Earthy scents for the new season

Earthy scents for the new season

At Harvest we love to look to the seasons for inspiration and take our lead from what we see Nature doing.

We've noticed the change in our gardens, growth is slowing down, misty grey mornings are returning, the air feels fresher. We're thinking about lighting our fires again, digging out our woolly jumpers, cooking soups and lighting our candles at 5pm...

As we think about this new season, we're turning our thoughts to ways we can embrace the change in a positive way. Many of us will struggle with the darker months, but there are things that can help make these days feel easier as we embrace and look for the beauty in them

Our new Slow Sandalwood candle is perfect to light this time of year, with its warm, woody scent and sweet undertones of amber and leather, burning this will encourage you to slow down and appreciate the small moments in your day.

Dark Patchouli comforts and uplifts a space, with seasonal notes of Clove and Blood Orange. Its scent fills the air with a tinge of spice, with a subtle fruitiness amongst its top notes.

Autumn Fig Candle - Harvest Skincare

Autumn Fig, a sweet yet woody scent nurtures in preparation for the darker days. Notes of cedar and soothing vetiver encourage you to ground yourself with comfort and warmth. 



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Hello Katie,
I have recently started working at Hampton Manor and was recently part of a discussion about the scents you experience throughout the Manor House. I know you already have a relationship with the estate as your products are used across the 5 suites in the walled garden so I wanted to see if there was a product that either existed already or could be created to solve our problem. Currently we have reed diffusers that aren’t potent enough for the vast spaces of the lobby, hall and parlour of the manor. I wondered about your candles and whether they could be made in larger sizes? Or a bespoke scent for the space?

This is all based off me being proactive about a brief chat with James however any information at this stage would be helpful so I can pick it up with James and Fjona again and get the ball rolling. I am also keen to involved my colleague Vanessa who is passionate about scent and has a very keen nose!

Thank you,
Fiona Hall

fiona hall

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