Summer Glow

Summer Glow

As seasons change, we do too. Our skins adjust to more time outside, acclimatising to shifts in weather such as temperature and light. For some of us, we have been relieved from the harsh, dryness that winter skin can bring. For others, entering these warmer months can unveil a period of oiliness and breakouts. However, caring for our skin in line with the seasons can help us understand why it reacts the way it does and how we can work with it, rather than fight against it.


Using natural ingredients and herbal remedies in skincare is not only beneficial for supporting and calming the skin in many ways, but it also allows you to inhale the natural aromas which then stimulate and settle the mind. Try taking a little bit of extra time to include this short skincare routine to help care for both your skin and mind.

Morning Ritual

 To begin your routine, we always suggest to apply a warm compress on the face to prepare the skin for cleansing. Massage your chosen facial cleanser all over the face and neck using circular motions and then remove with a warm cloth. At Harvest, we have three different skincare ranges; Calming, Balancing and Nourishing, each with different properties for different skin types. With these warmer summer months it’s likely that our skin gets more congested and slightly oiler, so we suggest using the Balancing Range throughout these months.

 Our Balancing Cleansing Cream with palma rosa and lemon is specially crafted to bring stability to oily or irritable skin. This mild yet effective cleanser removes all traces of make-up whilst clearing congestion and regulating oil production. We have added Palma Rosa to condition your skin and zingy fresh lemon for it’s natural antiseptic. Your skin will be left soft, balanced and refined.


At this point, you could then use our Gua Sha Facial Massaging Tool. It is best to use Gua Sha with a facial oil after cleansing your face. When using Gua Sha in the morning, it’s about treating puffiness and energising the skin. Using the gua sha massaging technique will help to revitalise the skin, improve lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness. Depending on your skin type you may prefer to use a facial oil in the evening instead of the morning. Using an oil with your Gua Sha tool at night will work more on relaxing the muscles and releasing tight connective tissues.

The next step is to use a facial toner. We have two natural facial toners you can choose from, our Herbal Toner or our Floral Toner. Both toners are made from steam distilled water and are alcohol-free. After cleansing, spritz your toner onto a cotton pad and sweep across your face and neck. Finally you can finish with your chosen Facial Cream.


Throughout the day as we undergo many activities our skin comes into contact with a variety of different elements. During summer one major element our skin faces is the sun. Protecting our skin against potential UV damage is incredibly important and having skincare products that provide that extra protection is key. Our Raspberry Seed Oil is high in Vitamin E which is an antioxidant that is important in preventing UV damage. Raspberry seed oil moisturises and softens skin, as well as reducing flare ups and irritation like itching, swelling and redness.
Spritzing our Herbal Toner onto your face throughout the day is a really good way to refresh your skin if its feeling a little clammy or clogged. The Herbal Toner contains Tea Tea which is antiseptic, so this will help the skin to keep clean and fresh.

Evening Ritual


After a long day our skin is in need of some TLC. Your night time skincare routine can replicate your morning routine, however an extra step you can include every so often is a gentle exfoliation. As our skin sweats and becomes more congested during summer it’s a good idea to include a gentle exfoliation step 1-2 times per week into your routine. Our natural Charcoal Konjac Sponge gently exfoliates your skin to bring out a natural, healthy glow. Konjac is effective at clearing bacteria from the face and balancing the PH of the skin. We would suggest using the Konjac Sponge after cleansing your face, whilst it’s still wet and then continue with your regular routine. 


If you have sensitive skin, or perhaps the sun has got a little too much one day, then our Evening Primrose Skin Oil is perfect for soothing and moisturising your skin. Evening Primrose is known as the grandmother of skin oils, with its nourishing properties it will reduce redness and irritation, relieving inflammation and encouraging the healing process.


If you’d like any advise on skincare products then please feel free to pop in store or give us a call and we will always be happy to help. Our range of Facial Treatments is also a really useful way to get to know your skin and discover what is best suited for you.


Shop our natural skincare range or explore our selection of calming treatments.

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