Between bark and blossom.


When we decided to release a limited edition Valentines Day candle we started off by sharing ideas for a name and fragrance that not only represents Harvest, but has notions of passion, desire and love without being overly cliché. We wanted to create a candle for love, but for love in whatever way you wanted it to be.


Carolyn, a dear friend of Harvest, lived in Greece for many years and suggested the name 'Eros' from the Greek God of love and attraction. It fit perfectly with the carefully selected aphrodisiac blend of Rose and Sandalwood essential oils, which are said to influence passion and romance. And so, the Harvest EROS candle was born.


Dark and spicy Sandalwood is enveloped by the sweet and tender delicacy of Rose. The scent of Sandalwood is woody and balsamic, it has a luxurious feel with warm spiciness. Softly but surely, the sweet floral notes of Rose begin to guide their way through, blending with the Sandalwood’s warmth. EROS is the ultimate sensual fragrance that has soothing, calming and relaxing properties.


Our limited edition candle will only be available until 15th February.


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